The Bloop from Beneath the Sea

In other undersea weird news,  in 1997, Naval underwater surveillance systems used by NOAA picked up a frequency that indicated a biological creature that was exponentially larger than any known whale or giant squid. It was picked up several times in 1997 off the coast of Chile, but then never heard from again. CNN reported the finding in 2002 (why did the Navy wait five years to make it public? Hmm.)

The Navy archived the sound under the name “Bloop.” In our upcoming book, The Kronos Interference, we speculate that something much more sinister was behind the frequencies.


Could this be an Underwater UFO?

Sounds like the beginnings of a sci-fi movie. Back in the Summer of 2011, a group of Swedish treasure hunters found more than they bargained for when they spotted  a 60-foot disc-shaped object, sunk 285 feet below in the Baltic sea. It also left what looks like 985-foot long impact tracks.

Check out the story here.

NPR Speculates on Time Travel

Interesting. NPR reported the first Neutrino messages (little massless particles) sent through a rock, at nearly the speed of light. In principle, they say, one could transmit a communication right through the earth.

I’m picturing ordering Chinese food direct from China that way. Sure, we can get the message there in a nanosecond, but delivery could take a while.  Unless, of course — as they speculate — you sent the transmission faster than the speed of light, in which case you can send the message yesterday and get your food today.

Hey, now that could improve service everywhere.

Welcome to our new blog!

Hi all. Ed and I are launching this blog in anticipation of our new book, The Kronos Interference, due to be released at the end of June by a publisher who will be revealed shortly! Expect a big fanfare announcement soon.

Meanwhile, we want this blog to be fun. We’ll talk about weird science stuff, movies and books we like, insider tips about writing and publishing, and any other random fleeting thoughts we may have.

And of course, we’ll share news and behind-the-scenes info about our book, and followup book projects we have in store. Feel free to join in the discussion!