Astronaut Connects UFOs, Science,and Religion

Check out this fascinating interview with Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who went to the moon and came back a changed man. A Harvard and MIT educated PhD, this is not the ramblings of some drunken farmer (no offense to drunken farmers).

He claims to have been privy to information about the long rumored alien crash at Roswell, and sheds light on the clandestine MAJESTIC 12 committee appointed by Truman in 1947 to explore the incident.

Even more fascinating is his description of the epiphany he had in space flight, where he made the startling connection between the molecules in the human body and ancient stars galaxies away, transcending both science and religion. Not only that, but he’s discovered ancient transcripts describing this very connection.

Mitchell created the Institute of Noetic Sciences to explore this crossroads of neuroscience, religion, physics, and human consciousness further.