NASA’s Curiosity Sparks Bizarre Mars Chatter Amid True Beauty

From a large circular boulder to UFO-like objects in the sky, the Internet is abuzz with rumors and speculation about various anomalies captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars.

Here’s a Huffington Post article that includes some interesting video and slideshows.

Of course, some of these very anomalies have already been debunked, as this article on NBC news shows, including a horizon anomaly (aka impact cloud), flying saucers (aka dead pixels), white dot UFOs (aka photoshopped), ancient fingers/shoes/animals (aka rocks), and so on. I’m still waiting to hear about the above-mentioned boulder (pictured).

But amid all this chatter about strange sightings, some true beauty has been captured, as in this photo below (which looks a lot like some terrain I visited in Iceland). Additional stunning photos can be found in this CBS News article.



As an aside, did you know that a day on Mars is 40 minutes longer than a day on Earth? Who says you can’t buy time? I’m ready to move there. Maybe I’ll get more done.  Apparently, NASA personnel working on the project, are supposed to set their clocks according to Mars time, and one family of a NASA flight director for the mission has followed suit.


Mystery Package to Be Opened in Norway

A 100-year-old mystery package left by a local politician  is set to be opened this Friday, August 31st 2012, in a small village in Norway.

The man, Johan Nygard, left the package with the mayor on August 26th 1912 with instructions not to open it until 100 years from then.  He claimed the contents would “benefit and delight future generations.” Whether he meant in that village alone or the entire world remains to be seen.

Interestingly enough, someone actually remembered that it’s supposed to be opened. I can’t even remember to take the trash out on Sundays.

In a touch of “life imitating art,” readers of The Kronos Interference may notice a slight parallel, as the book has its own mystery package plot element.

Here’s the full article.

Send in the Drones: Unmanned Flyers and Submersible Robots go Public

According to PopSci, the world’s biggest event for unmanned vehicles, put on by AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International), is now highlighting unmanned drones, submersible robots, and other vehicles for non-military use.

Up to now, drones have primarily been a military resource, but now they can be leveraged for everything from agricultural and environmental use, law enforcement, public safety, forestry, mining and more. As one commenter noted, even the film industry could make use of the technology. As for submersible robots, they could be used for undersea exploration, harbor security, polar science missions, and who knows what else.

The skies, they are a-changin’.

For the full article, including videos, click here.