Book Update from Edward Miller and J.B. Manas

Hi folks, J.B. (Jerry) Manas here. It’s been a while since we’ve posted on this site, way too long! In fact, since our last post, Ed published two YA space opera books (Cadets and Cadets 2: Ship of the Gods) and I recently published Atticus, a sci-fi thriller, just out this week.

In Atticus, a British stranger arrives with no memory and a deadly secret that could impact all of humanity, and it’s up to a reluctant hero, a rookie policewoman, to figure it all out. The Kindle version is available now, and the paperback should be available within a week. There are government conspiracies, aliens, thrilling chases, moral dilemmas, lots of twist, and all sorts of fun, so hope you’ll enjoy it! If you liked our book, The Kronos Interference, it’s along a similar vein.

Ed’s Cadets series is more along the lines of Star Trek, with teen cadets on remote training planet having to settle their differences and rise to the occasion when the first direct alien contact invades Earth, rendering the United Earth Defense Fleet helpless. I helped edit the first Cadets book, and it was great fun, a bit of Star Trek meets Indiana Jones, again with some fun, unexpected twists.

You may be wondering: What about that Kronos Interference sequel? We have most of it outlined (with a working title of The Kronos Prophecy), and as soon as we finish up a book we’re working on together called “The One” (which will hopefully be by the end of this year), we have that lined up next. We hope it’ll be worth the wait!

Meanwhile, here are the covers for Ed’s Cadets books. All of our covers are done by the amazing Kirk DouPonce of Dog-Eared Design, who’s done iconic covers for the Narnia series, Race to Witch Mountain, and more.